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6" Jesus Divine Master

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Product information:

  • This is a meaningful statue that embodies Fr James Alberione's vision of Jesus Divine Master, The Way, Truth and Life
  • Made of resin; measures 6" height
  • Reflect, today, upon the joy of being totally given over to Christ and being completely under His direction.  Ponder every word you say and every action you do being lived in obedience to His perfect plan
  • Makes a meaningful gift and size perfectly accent any area

    At the heart of a busy district of Rome, just a short distance from the Basilica of St. Paul, stands the Queen of Apostles Sanctuary, built in 1954 at the express wish of Fr. James Alberione. In the Sanctuary’s left side altar we find the traditional icon of the Divine Master (an oil painting on canvas by artist Fausto Conti). This icon embodies Fr. Alberione’s vision of Jesus Master Way, Truth and Life.

    The Characteristic of the statue of Jesus Divine Master:

    Our Risen Master bears the Signs of his crucifixion on his hands and feet: The marks left by the nails in the hands and feet of our crucified Master show us that he gives and communicates himself to humanity by means of the cross.

    Jesus’ clothing: The complete figure of the Divine Master represents the humanity of Christ; his white tunic stands for his availability to the Father; his red mantle indicates his role as Teacher, his sandals symbolize his entire mission—the commitment taken on by the missionary/evangelizer.

    His raised hand: Jesus’ hand is raised in the attitude of one who teaches with authority.

    The halo: Jesus’ halo and the light eradiating from the cross and from him figure indicate the glory of the risen Christ.

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